The operational nucleus of the Group's production is in Italy. Here, each of the two factories that are located in Italy, Glm Tubetech and the Glm Mechanical Components, has over time specialized in particular machining of complex steel elements.


The Glm Mechanical Components Division is specialized in the production of hooks and brackets which, fitted with rubbers, are used to fix the exhaust system under the body of the vehicles and is considered the world's leading manufacturer in its sector. One of the reasons for this success is its ability to supply small batches of 500 pieces a year for certain market niches, up to lots of 1million pieces per year. Glm Mechanical Components is also the world's leading producer of pressure pipes, that is pressure pipes for the recycling of fumes on exhaust systems. In this area also the processing of 6 or 8mm tubes requires a very developed technology. The hook is apparently simple. In reality, the value added by GLM to this element is remarkable and must be identified in the ability to work properly with new materials. The welding for the activity is strategic and this phase decisively defines the reliability and precision of the finished product. GLM entrusts this delicate process to certified operators with many years of experience in the automotive sector. The weldings - which concern parts in both stainless steel and carbon - are of different types: Mig Laser Tig steel aluminum Braze welding and induction Projection welding. In the assembly department each component is scrupulously checked before the last assembly phase giving the customer the absolute certainty that the product he will receive complies with all the specifications including those of the packaging. The assembly department is the one that unites the work of all the operators for customer satisfaction.



The success of the GLM Tubetech Division has been decreed by its great flexibility, by its competitiveness and above all by its expertise in the field of tube deformation. Deforming a pipe is a very complex job and in the automotive industry the industrialization of the production process must take place within a few weeks. The weldings performed by GLM Tubetech Division mainly concern the aesthetic lines, with piecewise welding, the robotized circumferential welding on the fittings and the assembly of components for trucks. The company has 9 robotized production area with lathe manipulators or vertical rotation up to 250 kg. The terminal one, moreover, is an important sector, but cyclic because it depends on style. The welding itself, in fact, must satisfy an aesthetic requirement, as well as reliability. The applied and welded materials are austenitic stainless steel and ferritic steel. The company also does some TIG welding on calendered sheet metal without the addition of material. Updates, however, are continuous with the possibility of evaluating other technologies and materials. The GLM Tubetech Division is able to meet this challenge thanks to its flexibility, its expertise in effective solutions, its proven and dynamic network of suppliers and subcontractors and its timely delivery throughout the world.